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About Us: What We Do
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Helping Cats in Need

Founded 1996, the Pet Adoption and Lifecare Society received non-profit status in January 2000. Since then, we have placed hundreds of cats and dogs into loving homes every year. Our animals are temporarily loved and cared for in foster homes until permanent homes can be found. All of our cats are FeLV/FIV negative unless otherwise noted under special needs. They are adopted out free of parasites, including fleas and internal parasites. They have also had all vaccines for which they are eligible. Some of our animals have incurable diseases and are placed in hospice care where care is given for life if a loving home that is able to care for special needs animals cannot be found.

P.A.L.S. has developed a model for rescue that is careful, effective and which has certain philosophies that govern our decisions. We are a true no-kill organization. The only reason we ever euthanize an animal is because it is suffering and the suffering cannot be relieved. We do not euthanize for logistical, behavioral or economical reasons. Every animal that comes under our protection has a place in P.A.L.S. for the rest of its life. Adopters sign a contract agreeing to, amongst other things, return the adopted animal to P.A.L.S. should they ever be unable to care for it.

P.A.L.S. is a full service animal help organization dedicated to the well-being of all animals. It is well known that adequate programs do not exist in the Philadelphia area to provide non-kill shelter for the large number of homeless animals. As a result, many homeless animals are put to sleep. P.A.L.S. is a prominent, all-volunteer, non-profit organization, dedicated to solving this problem by rescuing stray, abandoned, and unwanted pets. Our pets receive veterinary care, including vaccinations and testing, and are spayed or neutered. Pets are kept in volunteer foster homes with all expenses paid by P.A.L.S. until they can be adopted into new homes. All potential adoptive families are screened. We try to match the temperament of the pet to the situation of the adoptive family. If it seems an appropriate match, the pet is placed and the family signs a detailed agreement to provide a good home. P.A.L.S. does receive a donation at the time of the adoption. While this in no way reimburses P.A.L.S. for the total expense of the care we provide, it does help offset our costs and enables us to continue our efforts. Pets are visited after placement and representatives maintain contact to deal with any questions or problems that may arise. Further, P.A.L.S. is available as a resource for life to adopters of our animals.

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